Crossing Time

A woman returns to her childhood home to unexpectedly find someone she has been longing to see.


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Director's Bio

Galya Stepanova was born in Moscow and moved to the UK as a teenager. She graduated with a joint honours degree in History and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, and subsequently worked in film production and education at Artline Films in France and UWC Dilijan College in Armenia.

In 2016, Galya completed a diploma in Documentary Filmmaking at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague, and since 2017 she has been working at Hypermarket Film on documentary projects, such as Putin’s Witnesses (2018) and Gorbachev. Heaven (2020) by Vitaly Mansky.

In 2020, she made her debut documentary Time of the Sphinx. The film is a personal interpretation of the biography and work of the Prague-based Moscow Conceptualist painter, Viktor Pivovarov.

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