Turtles Are Always Home

Houses have memories too. They hide them under their windowsills, tuck them in layers of paint and sometimes whisper them to birds passing by. I wonder whose memories these houses will keep. I live here but I am unable to leave a trace. I try to attach myself to the walls, dirty them, mark them… but I fail. They are constantly cleaned, watched, and protected. I caress them instead. And I film them, lest I forget. Home is where the heart is, they say. I disagree. My heart is everywhere. It left with the music. Like a turtle, I am always home.


Subtitles English

Director's Bio

Rawane Nassif works in research and films often addressing subjects such as space, traditions, identities, displacement and memory. She collaborated on several social documentaries in Lebanon, worked with immigrants and indigenous people in Canada, conducted visual research on nomadic traditions in Kyrgyzstan, taught anthropological courses in Tajikistan, wrote children’s books based on collected oral histories in Honduras, and worked as a film researcher for various anthropological art films with the Doha Film Institute for the National Museum of Qatar. She is currently completing a mentorship at the Transforming Arts Institute in Madrid.

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