The Way

A company of 13-year-old boys has an entertainment of its own, i.e. to go for a drive by a truck trailer. An invalid chair is fastened to a truck in a special way, and one boy rides along a certain part of the road sitting in it. Today is Misha’s turn…

The Visit

Hagar comes to visit her father in a Jerusalem nursing home. Before entering his room she looks at him and chooses to escape, but a series of mishaps forces her to spend the day in the building, masquerading as a caretaker. The short visit turns into a journey between the narrow corridors of the Israeli society.

Making a film when you’re 87 is less than convenient...



Young Lily will have her ears pierced today even if her parents are too busy dealing with their own issues.


Spectators is an observational animation that inverts the expected focus of a football match, turning attention to those on the periphery. The film investigates social interaction and human behaviour revealing the diversity of character found among football spectators, which can often become obscured by mass.

Sonja lives a lonely life as a fishmonger, more at ease with her fish than her customers, until one day a delivery man turns up who looks like a rainbow trout.


Amal, a 13-year-old refugee from Lebanon, deals drugs in the Hannover subway system. He lives an isolated life in an asylum home outside the city. One day he meets a young German girl called Clara, who might be his savior.


The supermarket is about to close. A boy hurries up with his last minute shopping.



A young African migrant's first couple of hours on a European beach.


Radio Silence

What stops a father and son from being able to talk?


Salón Royale

Ana, who is going to a wedding with two friends, hopes to meet somebody . But her expectations change when one of them reveals that her ex- might be there.


An Iranian family comes to Norway and Lillehammer during the early 90s. The family is welcomed with open arms by a population preparing for the ’94 Winter Olympics. But once the games end and the city turns back to its old self, people are no longer as friendly as they seemed.


Parkour is an urban sport. The traceurs are practitioners of this discipline. They trace in their own way a geometry of the city.

The film deals with the lives of a few individuals who struggle to keep a small talkie afloat in a small town of the Hindi speaking belt in north India. It is an attempt towards experiencing the anxiety of dislocation and subsequent re-location in today’s life and is situated in that period of time which lies in between having left the past but not yet reached the promised future. It treads the thin line which pitch long standing relationships against rationality, in the backdrop of inevitable change. The film is inspired from a short story by Shri. Sharad Joshi and was also included in the academic curriculum of the Film and Television Institute of India.

Thomas has moved to a remote countryside cabin in search of solitude. He fills his days with mundane chores to deaden his feelings, but as he reflects, a question arises: Will he ever be able to disappear completely... even from himself?


You and Me

A woman walks towards her husband's camera for four decades.

The film is a personal 6 minute animated short. It tells the story of a lonely young woman dealing with her personal and emotional defenses and what happens once the defenses she worked hard to put in place and live with are compromised. The film attempts to explain the feeling that many of us go through in life, dealing with certain situations where our world is turned upside down for a brief moment.



Two young men wander in the forest. Suddenly, without any clue, a young man kills the other in a gruesome, physical act. The murderer ditches the lifeless body in the forest and flees in complete panic.


The neglected siblings Roland and Paul watch the deportation of their immigrant neighbours. After the police have left, they decide to enter the abandoned apartment. Inside they discover another world; exotic food, music, clothes and make-up, belonging to the deported family. For a moment they have the chance to immerse themselves in a world of games and play - however when their father discovers them, they are quickly brought back to reality.


An 8 year old boy finds himself alone and vulnerable in the city. Escaping his abusive mother and a world of poverty, he is faced with problems that might be more troublesome than what he is running from.
A woman returns to her childhood home to unexpectedly find someone she has been longing to see.

In 1962, Rosita Guzman, also known as La Mocha, cut off her only thumb to escape from prison and disappeared into the Mexican desert. 40 years later, a documentary tries to find out more about this woman and the legend she created.


The Circle

An old and former military man happens upon an object on the side of the road. The object transports him back to his childhood and allows him to escape the structure of his monotonous routine.

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