Ninnoc A blonde and blue-eyed girl, Ninnoc, observes the social systems of belonging and popularity at school. Watch Now Short Documentary



2020, 17min

Blood Rider

Amidst a blood shortage crisis and standstill traffic most hours of the day in Nigeria, it can take over 24 hours to transport blood to patients in critical need.

2017, 10min

Pumpkin Movie

Two women trade stories of misogyny while carving pumpkins over Skype as part of a Halloween tradition.

Filip Seven-year-old Filip admires his older brother Sebastian most of all. Watch Now Fiction Short

Catherine A tragic comedy of a sweet little girl, who grows up to be a crazy old cat lady. Watch Now Animated Short

You and Me A woman walks towards her husband's camera for four decades. Watch Now Experimental Short

Kaïn Two young men wander in the forest... Watch Now Short

Fat Shaker 2013 Fat Shaker An obese and oppressive man uses the good looks of his deaf son to con and intimidate women into paying their way out of made-up situations. Watch Now Feature



2014, 1h 36min

Atomic Heart

On the way home from a well-oiled party, Arineh and Nobahar stupidly crash their car…