Rubbed in Pink follows the young daughter of a fashion photographer who is propelled toward womanhood by her mother's lifestyle. An exploration of femininity and over-sexualization.


Out of Season

Vera and Bruno had a love affair in the past. They randomly meet at a country house for a weekend away from the city. Vera is currently single, but Bruno is dating Sofia, the sister of her friend Flor. None know about their relationship, and there’s a whole weekend ahead of them.

Salón Royale

Ana, who is going to a wedding with two friends, hopes to meet somebody . But her expectations change when one of them reveals that her ex- might be there.

In 1962, Rosita Guzman, also known as La Mocha, cut off her only thumb to escape from prison and disappeared into the Mexican desert. 40 years later, a documentary tries to find out more about this woman and the legend she created.

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