Roadkill is a stop-motion animated thriller. In a world where deer are the dominating species, one alpha male deer goes for an evening car ride and has an unfortunate car accident.


Maned & Macho

The emotions of a young adolescent girl are embodied by animals that appear in her dreams. She mourns her feelings as her family dismisses the symbolic creatures.


Spectators is an observational animation that inverts the expected focus of a football match, turning attention to those on the periphery. The film investigates social interaction and human behaviour revealing the diversity of character found among football spectators, which can often become obscured by mass.



Parkour is an urban sport. The traceurs are practitioners of this discipline. They trace in their own way a geometry of the city.

The film is a personal 6 minute animated short. It tells the story of a lonely young woman dealing with her personal and emotional defenses and what happens once the defenses she worked hard to put in place and live with are compromised. The film attempts to explain the feeling that many of us go through in life, dealing with certain situations where our world is turned upside down for a brief moment.

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